Keeping Imaginary Worlds Free and Independent

Thanks to everyone  for supporting our Kickstarter and getting it fully funded!  We’ll be printing the next Dragon and Goat book The Thyme Bandit and creating a batch of D&G enamel pins, keeping Dragon and Goat’s adventures alive through their 15th anniversary- and we couldn’t do it without your help!

With official news today of Disney gobbling up more imaginary worlds by acquiring 21st Century Fox,  the corporation further tightens its reigns on our collective imaginations, and I appreciate that you guys are supporting independent creators! I hope that you can continue to support not just D&G’s worlds but other artists as well, because if everything has to answer to Mickey Moose- what will become of our children’s childhoods if the worlds into which they can play and imagine is created in a single boardroom? I think you mean “bored”room…

I’m just a one man studio (though, with a very supportive wife/editor!) and thanks to your support I can continue to make weird and wonderful things without having to answer to a snoody suit (or just “snuit”). I can directly respond to you, the fans of this and my other toonified universes, so be sure to drop me a line!

Dragon and Goat Goes to Washington!

Hey Everyone! In the spirit of the holidays we’re giving away a free Dragon and Goat E-Book of Dragon and Goat Goes to Washington From 2009 Dragon and Goat head to DC and uncover a vast conspiracy with a deluded puppet president (sound familiar?!) and a mysterious, big eared puppeteer- Master M! Will Obama save the day!? Download the FREE E-BOOK!

And don’t forget to stop by our Kickstarter and pledge your support of Dragon and Goat’s next book The Thyme Bandit!

Cyber Monday: 3D Prints of Dragon and Goat on Sale

For Cyber Monday we’re slashing prices on the 3D Printed Figures of Dragon and Goat on the KICKSTARTER! You can pick up a fig and a book for only $30 Monday and Tuesday. They’ll be printed at Edgewater Workbench in Chicago (and more cleaned up than these prototypes!)

Check it out at:

First Grand Crossing!

Last night I got a call from my friend of 32 years, and he reminded me that I was currently living the dream of our 8 year old selves. We used to talk about selling comic books out of the back of a van (very cooly painted with a galactic wizard and dragon breathing Hi-C ectoplasm) and, though, the van never happened, I am very lucky to be not only selling comics at conventions but making my very own comics.  I am super lucky to have friends and family that support my artings and projects- especially with this one!

So thankful to have all of your support this holiday season on this Kickstarter and to already be at $1000!


The Thyme Bandit: Getting Ready for the Harvest

The past 3 years I’ve been working on the next Dragon and Goat book: The Thyme Bandit.  In that time my wife and I have moved, had a baby, been laid off from teaching at  a state university, re-hired, and am now getting to the end of the project.  All the while I have slowly been whittling away at the book with my pen (I keep it very sharp!)

A lot has changed in the world, in just the past year, and I despite all the blossoming negativity across the globe, I’m hopeful that goodness will prevail because the other side of the coin is- just not funny. What Dragon and Goat struggle with in this book are things that we’re struggling with as a society today, but how they triumph over forces of evil is through overcoming differences and working together.

This is the first time I’ve put the future of a project in the hands of other people by doing the book via Kickstarter crowd-funding, and I’m amazed to see the support so far from old and new fans of Dragon and Goat. I’m very thankful for the support.

I don’t want to blow out of proportion that this book will fix all the world’s problems, but, at least, it can take us on an adventure, give us a couple laughs and get us to think more deeply about our world and how we can help grow a future better for ourselves and others.


Dragon and Goat: The Thyme Bandit Interior Pages

Here are a the 1st 8 pages of The Thyme Bandit for your viewing Plesiosaur. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter to get a copy of the book!

Dragon and Goat Kickstarter Launch is LIVE!

Hey Guys! Very excited that the Dragon and Goat: The Thyme Bandits Kickstarter is LIVE!  Check it out at:

You can see a quick video (Adam produced it himself so be forgiving- he prefers still images over the moving variety…), see how to support the printing of the next book, and check out other sweet Dragon and Goat swag!

Throughout the month I’ll be posting on the Kickstarter page and here lots of D&G info and fun stuff like making videos and new drawings and long lost stories. Thanks for your support and please share as much as you can!

Kickstarter Kickoff Nov. 15th!

We’re excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the next Dragon and Goat book will launch this Wednesday, Nov. 15th!  Stay-tuned for the actual web address for the page or you can go ahead and follow my profile on Kickstarter:

This is the 9th book in the Dragon and Goat series but our first Kickstarter so all the help you can give, by pledging or passing around the info, is much appreciated! For this Kickstarter we’re not only printing a book but also creating new enamel pins, one for Dragon and one for Goat!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Since Dragon and Goat lived in China for a time (and where Adam met Alli), the Mid-Autumn Festival is an important holiday on the D&G calendar.

Also known as the Moon Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a big festival in China celebrating the harvest of rice and wheat with paper lanterns and mooncakes.

You might also make offerings to the Moon Goddess of Immortality who stole an immortality elixir from her husband (either out of love or fear that he would be a tyrannical despot, depending on the legend you believe) and went to the moon to live as an immortal by herself.

It’s a good time to check out China town or your local Chinese grocery store or restaurant and be sure to get the mooncakes with the egg yolks! They’re egg-cellent…

And if you missed their adventures at the Beijing Olympics, check out Dragon and Goat’s Journey East