College of DuPage Humanities Festival: Transformation

Today I spoke at the College of DuPage’s Humanities Festival with my presentation Beyond Paper Walls: Traveling as a Transformational Experience.  It was about my newest book Beyond Paper Walls, but  I didn’t go in too deeply into the content of the book. Instead I talked more about what lead to the creation of it, other comics (particularly Dragon and Goat), and how, thanks to traveling, I have not just been inspired to create art & comics but have changed how I see the world.  (Here’s a link to the Book)

Since you probably weren’t there I thought I’d share part of the ending of the talk here:

The book [Beyond Paper Walls] is the best showcase of [my] experience [in Japan], so since I’m conveniently at the end of my time speaking, you’ll just have to get the book to see what I took away the journey and how it helped synthesize my other experiences and transform me yet again. This is not just a ploy to sell more books but rather because the book is not just about me. It’s about an experience that I had in another place, but more so it is an invitation to the reader to learn about other cultures, not just the culture of Japan.

This book came out in 2016, before we Americans were thrust into this brave new world of 2017. We have to be aware that today it is ever more important to travel to counteract the negative image that the current administration is projecting to the world. Before we as Americans become mere images to the rest of the world, become cartoons.

Yesterday on NPR’s World View, Reza Aslan was discussing how as Americans our identity comes not from a homogeneity of ethnicity as in other nationalities, but rather from an embrace of common, humanistic values. But this identity tends to be fragile at times of crisis (or perceived crisis), and when we struggle to identity ourselves within our selves, we tend to define our selves by some distant Other.

We cannot be a country that demonizes foreigners, immigrants, and refugees, bans Muslims, oppresses people of color or tries to blind the public by silencing the media. We have to embrace other people, people who may seem on the surface unlike us, but in many ways share the same hopes and aspirations that we do.

We can do this through traveling, not just to see sites but to build relationships. It is through meeting people with other experiences that we come to empathy, and a more empathetic world is a less violent world. We have an obligation to find common ground with other people and embrace differences.

And if you can’t travel remember that many people are already here from all over the globe. We have a responsibility to share our home with them, welcome them here, and open ourselves to changing how we see.


Mourning America’s Lack of Imagination

I talked to my cartooning class today about how this election was the result of a lack of imagination on a massive scale. The racist currents running through the country affect all economic classes and thrive in unimaginative minds- minds that lack the capacity to imagine how other people live and how other people perceive the world around them.
As an artist and a creator I have a lot of work to do to be sure that the worlds that I create are welcoming to people from all walks of life. This does not mean that I have to dilute what I am doing to appeal to a mass audience but rather forces me to be more particular, creating richer, rounder characters- that are the foundation of good storytelling.
The election seemed to fall this year to a campaign that utterly lacked an ability to imagine an America that could stand to prosper by embracing its greatest resource- our diversity as a people. We think different thoughts and live different lives but these different experiences should be helping us forge a future America that welcomes freedom of thought and not only accepts but celebrates all of its people.
We do not need to mourn the loss of the America that we imagined and that seemed to be coming more and more in focus.  Despite the people who are working hard to turn us around to the ways things never were, we just have to now work doubly hard to get there- and get everyone there regardless of race, gender, or religion.

Pocket Con: Today Oct. 8 at Chicago Cultural Center

group-02Today you can find me, Dragon and Goat at Pocket Con, a free comics convention at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Focusing on Creators of Colour and Indie Comics Artists the convention aims to empower young creators to bring new voices into the medium of comics and beyond.

I’ll be giving a workshop for Comics Brainstorming (so bring your 20-sided dice!) at 1.30pm on the 4th flr, so try to squeeze in if you can.

Calling All Comics Nerds

group-01Tomorrow is the second day of the Graphic Novel Symposium at Moraine Valley Community College.  Last year I gave a presentation, workshopping my Random Comics Generator 2.2 system and this year the speakers are Gene Ha and Anne Elizabeth Moore.  I’ll have a table at the Library atrium  from 9am-3pm for the mini-con with other comics peeps like David and Rene from Instant Press Comics.  Hope to see you there!

There Will be Wizards- Wizard World Chicago 2016

We’re getting geared up for Wizard World Chicago tomorrow and hope to see you there!  Dragon is furiously printing books and Goat is hammering buttons together, so be sure to stop by and see Adam at Artist Alley Table H5.  This year Adam’ll be taking commissions for drawings of Dragon and Goat in whatever cosplay or scenario you want….well, within reason. D&G-Supes&Spidey

Printer’s Row Lit Fest Day II: Adam Fotos’ comics for All Ages (that means Kids and adults)


Today’s weather should be completely perfect for the 2nd day of Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Downtown Chicago.  Stop by my table at the Third Coast Comics tent for a selection of comics for kids and adults drawn and written by a Chicago artist.  The tent is the 3rd in from the festival, so you can’t miss it!

My new book Beyond Paper Walls is finally available as well as a selection of Dragon and Goat books and my graphic novel The Panopticorn.

Brave the Heat to Check out Beyond Paper Walls at Printer’s Row Lit Fest Chicago

BeyondPaperWalls-15-aToday Beyond Paper Walls  debuts at Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago.  It will be as hot as Kyoto, but the fest has lots of indoor events as well.  I’ll be braving the heat at Dearborn and Harrison downtown (visit the Festival website for more info). I should be at the 3rd tent from the corner of Dearborn and Harrison going South, but look for the Third Coast Comics tent.

If you can’t make it to  Printer’s Row the book is available for order from the Dragon and Goat Website, so check out our new shop: