Back to School

Adam is back in the classroom at Chicago State University and the College of DuPage. This semester he is teaching Painting 1, 2 & 3, Illustrator/ Photoshop, Cartooning and Storyboarding/Sequential Art. This is his 9th year at Chicago StateĀ  where he is a full-time lecturer and his 8th at the College of DuPage as adjunct faculty.

So far in Illustrator/Photoshop students have used CSU’s electron microscope to capture ultra-zoomed images of personal objects and in Storyboard/Sequential Art students are gearing up to create a short comic about Social Justice- mot just changing typically male characters into female characters, but by engaging in the real stories of the fight for social equality.

In Painting II students are into a new project You Are What You Eat, exploring self-portraiture through still lifes that they are setting up themselves with actual food (looking at Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings and other delicious food depictions from art history).

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