The Thyme Bandit: Getting Ready for the Harvest

The past 3 years I’ve been working on the next Dragon and Goat book: The Thyme Bandit.  In that time my wife and I have moved, had a baby, been laid off from teaching at  a state university, re-hired, and am now getting to the end of the project.  All the while I have slowly been whittling away at the book with my pen (I keep it very sharp!)

A lot has changed in the world, in just the past year, and I despite all the blossoming negativity across the globe, I’m hopeful that goodness will prevail because the other side of the coin is- just not funny. What Dragon and Goat struggle with in this book are things that we’re struggling with as a society today, but how they triumph over forces of evil is through overcoming differences and working together.

This is the first time I’ve put the future of a project in the hands of other people by doing the book via Kickstarter crowd-funding, and I’m amazed to see the support so far from old and new fans of Dragon and Goat. I’m very thankful for the support.

I don’t want to blow out of proportion that this book will fix all the world’s problems, but, at least, it can take us on an adventure, give us a couple laughs and get us to think more deeply about our world and how we can help grow a future better for ourselves and others.


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