Keeping Imaginary Worlds Free and Independent

Thanks to everyone  for supporting our Kickstarter and getting it fully funded!  We’ll be printing the next Dragon and Goat book The Thyme Bandit and creating a batch of D&G enamel pins, keeping Dragon and Goat’s adventures alive through their 15th anniversary- and we couldn’t do it without your help!

With official news today of Disney gobbling up more imaginary worlds by acquiring 21st Century Fox,  the corporation further tightens its reigns on our collective imaginations, and I appreciate that you guys are supporting independent creators! I hope that you can continue to support not just D&G’s worlds but other artists as well, because if everything has to answer to Mickey Moose- what will become of our children’s childhoods if the worlds into which they can play and imagine is created in a single boardroom? I think you mean “bored”room…

I’m just a one man studio (though, with a very supportive wife/editor!) and thanks to your support I can continue to make weird and wonderful things without having to answer to a snoody suit (or just “snuit”). I can directly respond to you, the fans of this and my other toonified universes, so be sure to drop me a line!

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