Dragon and Goat Printed in 3D

Here are the first results for 3D printing Dragon and Goat.  Dragon still has some scaffolding on him that I’m saving to cut until I show him to my 3D Modeling class at Chicago State.  There’s lots of sanding to do, but they turned out pretty well.  Thanks to Edgewater Workbench for being a great local source for 3D printing and Tinkercad for the super user friendly software to build it.

Edgewater Workbench. A Neighborhood Workshop

Went to Edgewater Workbench (https://www.facebook.com/edgeworkbench) yesterday for the 3D printing and laser cutting on pizza demo. It turned out to be an etching on the pizza, but can’t wait to get in and do some laser cuts once they’re up and running.  Dragon and Goat 3D models are now on our list of things to do- just gotta learn a 3D modeling program.

Dragon PaperCraft is nearly Complete

Check out the all new Dragon Papercraft 3.0.  The design is pretty much refined for the final 4.0 version, so now it’s just to design the sheet with some instructions.  It will be uploaded very soon to the Activities page, so check back later this week!

Free Comic Book Day at Third Coast Comics

Last, last weekend was Free Comic Book Day across the US where comics were handed out like candy at many of America’s comic book stores.  I camped out at Third Coast Comics in Edgewater with Christian Alamy (penciler/ inker/ cover artist for DC Comics on titles like Green Lantern, Justice League) and Tom Kelley (illustrator and graphic designer who’s worked with DC comics and is a prolific creator when it comes to generating Hello Kitties dressed in the fanciest superhero costumes on cardboards).  I sat with Christian who knocked out some beautiful sketches once he found some not-too-glossy white backboards and had kids do the coloring at home.  I didn’t get to see much of Tom since he was on the other side of the store and it was absolute bedlam once the whole event started.  Kids flooded Third Coast for what must have been three hundred consecutive hours.  I  sold out of the latest Dragon and Goat book The S’Parktacular S’Particles (which, sadly, wasn’t free) but did draw and color Dragon and Goat dressed up as any kids’ favorite comic hero for free.  I was fun to hear if they wanted me to draw Dragon or Goat.  There must be some sort of psychological profiles that I can create based off of the selection and how they paired it with a  particular hero.  The weirdest request was for Dragon dressed as Pizza Steve from  Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa.  Here are some of the best of marker sketches:




C2E2- 2014 Recap

AdamEmptyBubblesThis was by far the best C2E2 yet.  Launching the newest Dragon and Goat book The S’Parktacular S’Particles was a huge success, and we nearly sold out of the first batch of books. 

Adam spoke on a panel put on by the Institute of Comics Studies on Independent comics with comickers John Jennings and Ashley Woods and publisher/writer Joe Robinson Currie Friday night.  

There were a lot of fans who stopped by from previous years, but Adam was so busy at the table he didn’t have a chance to see very much of the floor.  Plus, he was fighting an allergy demon most of the weekend.  His voice held out until Sunday night when he was heading home.  It made teaching at Chicago State and the College of DuPage interesting when he had to talk to students with his iPad that read typed text with a British accent. 


Haza! Time for C2E2 2014


Time for another weekend in Nerdonia at C2E2 in Chicago! We’re releasing the newest Dragon and Goat book TODAY ! Stop by the table in Artist Alley (V4) to pick up your very own copy with a signature and a drawing! Plus you can check out the other fantastic Dragon and Goat and other books in the  Fotopia Press library. Don’t forget to follow Dragon all day in Twitter @DragonPenDragon !